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BRB-a name of only success

Shahnaz Aman, News Editor, The Kushtia Times - October 23rd, 2012

BRB Cables industries Ltd, an industry to produce electrical cables is now a name of tremendous success. Though its starting was of a remote area, the company has been able to achieve a remarkably strong footing compared to the other industries situated in or near  the capital. It is unique in the country. Now it is a group of companies leading in the electrical cables sector in Bangladesh.
BRB has a crucial tale of struggle to ride on the mountain of success. At the very primary stage, (established it in 1978) a number of obstacles truly financial frustration severely hindered the production module of the company. But its leader Mozibar was never affected by frustration. Mozibar regained his strength after state-owned Agrani Bank funded him and he restarted the production in 1983.
BRB got a gross expansion in 1996 through establishment of a second unit importing modern and sophisticated machinery from Japan, Germany, India, France, Belgium and Italy. BRB has gradually grown to become the largest cable manufacturer in the country.
Now BRB is manufacturing a complete range of XLPE & PVC Insulated LT & HT Cables, FRLS Cables, House and Appliances Wiring Cables, Dry & Jelly filled Telecommunication Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Aluminum Overhead Conductors, Dual Coated Super Enameled Copper Wire (Winding Wire). Meanwhile, the company has the license to use standard mark of BSTI and duly marked “BRB Cables- Bangladesh” which is a mark of quality. Cable specifications are based on Bangladesh, British, German, American and IEC standard. BRB always emphasizes the quality which it produces. The company received ISO-9002 Certification and continued to invest in R & D to maintain its standards and achieved another ISO 9001: 2000 Certification.
Within a short period of time, this company has been able to achieve a dizzy height of success.  A research conducted by an international body on world market of Wires & Cables ranked BRB as number 33 among the 3,000 companies within 200 countries. This ranking can be considered as a true national achievement.
At the same time, BRB won handsome national and international awards like the National Export Trophy (Gold) – 1997-98, National Export Trophy- 2000-2001, Bangladesh Education Scholarship Trust Gold Medal, Sher E Bangla Education Scholarship Trust Gold Medal, 10th Golden America Award, Arc of Europe Award. BRB also attained DHL- Daily Star Business Award in 2006 in the category of “Enterprise of the Year” and “Best Business Partner of the Year” by Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited.
Over the years, Mozibar Rahman has embarked on other enterprises including KIAM Metal Industries (Manufacturer of Aluminum & Non-Stick cookware), MRS Industries (Manufacturer of Aluminum & Cooper Rod, Plywood), Lovely Housing Limited ( Real Estate Developer), BRB Polymer Limited (Manufacturer of PVC Compound for cable industry & PVC pipe), BRB Knitwear Limited Export oriented knitwear factory), BRB Electrical Co. Limited ( Manufacturer of Electrical products), BRB Distributions Limited ( Distributions & Export, Import), TPT Cables Limited ( Manufacturer of Electric Cables), Universal Network Company Limited (IT, TV Program Manufacturing & Broadcasting Company), Unileader Services Limited ( Financial advisory services).
Last decade has witnessed the spectacular development in the production level of this giant company which is struggling to meet the soaring demand from domestic as well as overseas level. The current turnover of the company has crossed billions. BRB can claim to have the most sophisticated testing facility available in the country.  Both the public and the private sector comprise the clients of BRB products.
Committed to social welfare and development, BRB is also known to the people for its charitable socio cultural activities. It has founded a number of educational institutions, mosques and social welfare institutes in the district. It stands out as an exclusive manufacturing organization in this region with the promises to economic and social development of the country. We, the people of Kushtia, feel extremely proud of this leading manufacturing company.