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Islami meeting stopped for remarks on Shahbag movement in Kushtia

Staff Correspondent - February 21st, 2013

Angry people attacked an Islami Jalsha (religious meeting on Islam) and foiled it at remote Fulbaria village in Khoksa upazila due to criticize of Shahbag mass movement by some Mawlana in their speeches last night.
The people also chased the participants out of the area and set fire two micro busses carrying out the Mawlanas in the meeting.
Sohel Hasan, Nirbahi Officer of Khoksa upazila (UNO) told that authority of a local mosque organised the Islami meeting on Fulbaria Government Primary School, 48  kilometers off the district headquarter. One Azizul Haq Jihadi was chief discussant at the meeting.
“We were informed that Azizul was making derogatory remarks on Shahbag mass movement terming it ‘against of establishment the sprit of Islam’ that created much angered among the people,” UNO told.
Earlier several speakers also blamed the government for ‘gearing up such activity’ (shahbag movement) which is virtually going ‘against the Islam’, UNO told.
“We had also information that a law and order situation was created there due to such speeches,” UNO told.
A team led by UNO and officer-In-Charge (OC) of Khoksa police station instantly rushed to the spot and stopped the Islami meeting.
Large number of people of adjacent areas gathered at the spot and protested the remarks by Mawlanas and demanded of their arrest.
Observing the situation UNO urged the organiser and the Mawlana’s to leave the spot.
At one stage, the angry people vandalised the stage and chased the Mawlanas. The Mawlana’s however, managed their fleeing across the dark.
Then people set fire on two micro busses carrying the Mawlanas on the spot. A house owned by Golam Rabban, a villager also burnt in the fire.
“We did not arrest anyone in this connection,” Horendranath Sarkar, OC of Khoksa police station told.
Additional police forces were deployed at the areas as tense situation was prevailing at the areas.