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Unruly BCL at Islamic University Committee abolished

Staff Correspondent - January 21st, 2013

The Islamic University (IU) unit of Bangladesh Chhatra League has been dissolved on Saturday, confirmed General Secretary of the organisation’s central committee Nazmul Alam.
The pro-Awami League student body, which has been making shocking news headlines for quite some time, in the latest instance attacked teachers on the campus on January 12 leaving 30 of them injured. Activists of the unit had earlier swooped on a teachers’ rally on November 19, 2012. At least 25 teachers sustained injuries in the incident.
According to sources, activists of the Chhatra League unit have been carrying out unruly activities on the campus for the last two years allegedly to keep earning from bribes over promises of jobs at the university. They have allegedly taken money from as many as 100 teachers and other staffs, who had been recruited dur ing the time.
There are allegations that the Chhatra League unit continued its misdeeds on the campus with the blessings from recently-removed vice-chancellor M Alauddin and pro vice-chancellor Kamal Uddin. This duo in a vengeance with BCL leaders also carried out unbelievable misdeeds in their tenure.  They recruited a large number of their relatives and others and cashed a large amount of money. The VC Ala Uddin also recruited his incompetent daughter as a teacher tempering her result.
They let loose BCL when anyone went to protest their misdeeds.
The recent attacks on teachers stemmed from their abstention from classes following the recruitment of 132 teachers and staffs in September 2012.
Now, while the teachers are vocal against the Chhatra League attacks, the activists of Chhatra League are blaming teachers for not holding classes for no good reason.
The IU unit of Chhatra League was formed on February 4, 2010. Mahbubul Alam Hanif, joint general secretary of ruling Awami League, had then declared Jahangir Hossain as the unit president and Shamsuzzaman Tuhin its general secretary.
On January 30, 2012, almost two years after the council, a 100-member fully-fledged committee was announced.
On dissolving the IU unit committee, Shamsuzzaman Tuhin said he had heard about the news but was yet to receive any letter from the central committee in this regard.