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Dear readers, The Kushtia Times, only English weekly newspaper in Khulna division is now available online on epaper version. Please stay with us. All the best. Editor-publisher

Improve Your Spoken English

Times Report - March 18th, 2013

The Kushtia Times announced that it would extend its cooperation to making queen’s language available to you as its loyal gesture of publishing the newspaper in this language. Earlier we initiated an English language club that  came to an unexpected halt. We pledge to resume it with an apology.
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1 # 7 An examination candidate who knew very little English once attended an oral English examination. The Examiner : What is your name? Candidate : Me Chikaboombayba! Examiner : How many are there in your family? Candidate : Not many. Me, me sister, me mother, and father. Examiner : Who does the cooking at home? After a long period of silence, the examiner tried to help. Examiner : Well, your mother or your sister? And the Candidate replied : Your mother!
”  2. # 8 Mother : Susie, how was the play you attended at the theatre? Did it have a happy ending? Susie : Yes, in a way. Everybody was very happy when it finally ended.
”  3. # 9 ” This is a hold-up,” the thief told the miserly old man. “Hand over your money or else…” ” Or else what?” the old man shot back. ” Please don’t confuse me,” the thief begged. “This is my first job.”
”  4. # 10 Naughty boy : Mummy, what will I get for my birthday? Mummy : Close your eyes. Now tell me what you see. Naughty boy : Nothing, Mummy. Mummy said : That’s what you are going to get for your birthday! Nothing!
”  5. # 11 Father : Now Son, be good while I’m away. Son : OK Dad. I’ll be good for ten dollars. Father : That’s too much Son! When I was your age, I was good for nothing!
”  6. # 12 Tan : Please lend me one hundred dollars. Lim : Sorry, I have only sixty dollars. Tan : It’s okay. Let me have the sixty and you can owe me the other forty dollars.