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Low quality crop seeds on sale in southwestern region

Shanaz Aman - December 16th, 2012

Low quality of seeds is being sold in the markets of the southwestern region of the country triggering concern among the farmers.
Seed producing organisations have become reckless in the current season to supply low quality seeds.
Seed Certification Division of the government does not supervise the activities and the problem is becoming acute day by day due to a section of dishonest officers in the field level, sources said.
Some greedy seed businessmen and middlemen are becoming millionaires overnight by cheating farmers. Some agriculture officers have expressed apprehension of low production of crops due to use of adulterated seeds. A section of corrupt officials are helping the seed sellers taking advantage of the situation.
Agriculture Extension Department (AED) and Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) warned the farmers repeatedly to be careful.
The officials said the farmers should get seeds from some specific dealers. The farmers should preserve the rejected packets and receipts of purchase if they forget to buy seed from non-government dealers. In this way dealers of low quality seeds can be brought to book”, an official said.
“Stringent law must be implemented against the corrupt seed dealers and field-level agriculture officers immediately”, he added.
But it is a matter of regret that there is no such example of legal action against the sellers and the buyers who sell and buy seeds without verification, he added.
If the said problems are not solved immediately and the guilty people are not punished, production of crops will fall and scores of people will be in danger.