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Democracy turned into ‘demon-cracy’!

Unpopular Speech - December 16th, 2012

Now we, the people in general are further dubious over the ongoing turns of issues. People  are much apprehensive of the recent trajectory of political events in the country.  Has violence become the catalyst for Bangladesh politics? That is the only conclusion that we can draw from the events over the last few days! It appears that political parties are driven by violence to declare their presence. And politicians are apt to come up with all sorts of excuses to justify and indulge in it! Have they no sense of humanity ? How  do they involve themselves in politics which is harmful. If politics brings such violence for the people how can people keep faith on it ? How will people  respect the politicians ?
It was vividly shown along with photographs on 10th December. It showed opposition activists with sharp weapons and stones; while the activists of the party in power were openly brandishing pistol! This is the crux of our political activity. People and crowds for meetings were gathered using unemployed youths by providing them with food and money to flex the party’s muscle! With so many unemployed in the urban areas, this is not a problem!
It is sad and depressing, that our politicians take the help of such people to create their so-called popular support for meetings and hartal, which in most cases are called without any justification. Invariably such hartals lead to violence resulting in fatalities and injuries! Ordinary helpless citizens stay away from such disgusting activities that pass for politics in Bangladesh. In fact, these demons have turned our democracy into ‘demon-cracy’!