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One-third of urban slum girls get married before 15 Says study

Staff Correspondent - November 12th, 2012

One-third of girls in urban slums get married before the age of 15 years while about 61 percent of marriages in the slums are arranged and 31 percent involve dowry, says a recent study.
The study found that 30 percent of the women were not asked for consent in their marriage and 28 percent did not want to marry.
It also identified a number of reasons behind child marriage — acute poverty, insecure living arrangements, frequent forced evictions, weak social network, absence of civic society institutions and poor public services.
The study, “Addressing Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Violence against Adolescent Girls and Women in Urban Bangladesh” was jointly conducted by Population Council and International Centre for Diarrhoeal- Disease Research, Bangladesh.
Although a common phenomenon in the country, child marriage is highly prevalent in the capital’s slums, threatening a huge number of  adolescent  girls with severe health risks each year.
Despite considerable progress in gender equality indicators in education and health, child marriage and gender-based violence remain significant impediments to achieving gender equity in Bangladesh.
The situation is considerably worse for women living in urban slums. The study depicted some real scenarios of child marriage in urban slums.