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Dr. Rashid Askari: Fiction writer, critic, columnist, teacher, and social analyst - January 9th, 2012

Dr. Rashid Askari is one of the handful of writers in Bangladesh who write both Bengali and English with equal ease and efficiency. Born on 1st June, 1965 in a sleepy little town of Rangpur in Bangladesh, he took an Honours and a Master’s in English from Dhaka University with distinction, and a PhD in Indian English literature from the University of Poona.  He is now a professor of English at Kushtia Islamic University.
Rashid Askari has emerged as a writer in the mid-nineties of the last century, and has, by now, written half a dozen books, and quite a large number of research articles, essays, and newspaper columns in Bengali and English published at home and abroad. His two Bengali books: Indo-English Literature and Others (Dhaka-1996) and Postmodern Literary and Critical Theory (Dhaka-2002) and one English book: The Wounded Land deserve special mention. He also writes short fictions in Bengali and English. His first short-story book in Bengali Today’s Folktale was published in 1997. Another short-story book in English is awaiting publication. Currently, he is working on an English fiction.
Rashid Askari is an open-minded and free thinking author. He does not see things through any fixed ideological glass. Close and careful observation, compelling arguments, smart and scholarly analysis, and high linguistic elegance are the hallmarks of his writing. He is a craftsman of the written word, and has developed an excellent command of the Queen’s English. There always remains a scattering of literary devices in his writing, which adds extra spice to his style.
By courtesy of  The Kushtia Times