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What is by Jamaat-Shibir, is by BNP

Unpopular Speches - March 5th, 2013

Now it is time to speak the truth. We have to go forward. We have to do something for our motherland. The land is in the clutches of these duo. And now it is clear that the so-called Islamic coteries are bifurcating our beloved motherland in the name of blasphemy.
The Shahbagh Chattar demonstration was not against Islam. But some Islamist groups are deliberately trying to spread rumours against the young generation that they are atheists and against Islam. Another party of our political arena ; the BNP claimed that this movement was not impartial and fuelled by AL. And, no sooner had the Jamaat-Shibir tried to save their leaders by calling strike than the demonstrators added another demand to their list: cancellation of the registration of Jamaat-e-Islami and its affiliated organisations. This is BNP which is prime beneficiaries of Jaamat. This party’s have actually no political ideology. It is based on a false nationalism made by an army general. So people should think about BNP also. We call people should be careful about the conspiracies to create unrest and take stand against all propagandas.