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Times Language Club

Times Report - February 4th, 2013

3. # 2 A mother noticed her little daughter praying. “Please God,” the little girl kept saying. “Bless my father and my mother and make Melaka the Capital of Malaysia.” “Why did you make such a strange request?” the mother asked. “Because that’s what I wrote in my Geography test this morning!”

”  4. # 3 Little Mary : In my family, I’m scared of my Mummy. Little Sabri : I’m scared of my Daddy. Little Samy : It’s my Granny I’m afraid of. Little Mary : What about you Chong? Little Chong : Ho! Ho! In my family, all the three are scared of me!

”  5. # 4 Teacher : Sani, if you had 5 dollars and you asked your mother for another 5, how many dollars would you have? Sani : 5 dollars Sir! Teacher : You don’t know your Arithmetic. Sani : But Sir, you don’t know my mother!

”  6. # 5 A husband phoned his wife from his office. Husband : I’ve got two tickets for the fashion show in town. Wife : That’s wonderful! I’ll start getting ready straight away. Husband : You’d better do. The tickets are for tomorrow’s show.

”  7. # 6 Teacher to Doctor’s daughter : Your grades are terrible! I shall send for your father! The Doctor’s daughter : If I were you Teacher, I wouldn’t. Daddy always charges 20 dollars for each visit.